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WOO HAH! festival

WOO HAH! festival

WOO HAH! festival

Campsite / Where To Stay

The official WOO HAH! camping site is located at the Sint Ceciliastraat at Stadscamping Tilburg. There is catering available at the camping site, you are also able to bring your own beverages as long as this is a realistic amount for you and/or your friends. Campers/caravans are NOT allowed at the campsite. You will need to bring your own tent. Click the image below to get directions on your mobile device. Every person from your group will need a seperate camping ticket for entry.

The camping will be open for visitors on Friday morning at 10.00 AM. The camping will close on Sunday afternoon; you have be packed and ready to go at 12.00 PM.

You can read our 10 essential tips for the WOO HAH! campsite here

The info and house rules for the campsite are available here (in Dutch and English)

The official WOO HAH! campsite is sold-out, but no worries! There are still enough places in the area where you can stay during WOO HAH! festival.

Do you want to stay close to the city centre? Then we suggest making use of AIRBNB. Via this link you can find rooms available in Tilburg and surrounding areas. Another way to stay close to the city centre of Tilburg is by making use of Couchsurfing via this link.

Beekse Bergen
Beekse Bergen is an African Themed holiday park located in Hilvarenbeek (about 20 minutes from Tilburg). Beekse Bergen has various chalets, huts and camping spots on offer. For all info and reservations check their website. Keep in mind that Beekse Bergen is not at walking distance from Tilburg, but it does offer a bus stop that will take you directly from Beekse Bergen to the city centre of Tilburg.

Hotels and hostels
If you want a more expensive option to stay during the festival then we recommend making use of to book a hotel in the surrounding area of Tilburg. Hotels like Mercure, City Hotel Auberge Du Bonheur, Druiventros and Bastion are all pretty close to the city (centre) or have a bus stop that will take you there. You also have the ability to stay in a hostel close to the festival grounds via Hostel Roots.  Keep in mind that WOO HAH! Takes place during the Dutch summer break, so hotels are often fully booked rather quick in the coming months.

Next to hotels, Tilburg also has a hostel in the vicinity of the WOO HAH! festival site called ‘Hostel Roots‘.

Campsites and more
Tilburg is a big city amongst various rural areas, most of these areas offer campsites. We listed some campsites per area below:

Berkel Enschot (+/- 5 KM from Tilburg)
De Heikant

Oisterwijk (+/- 8 KM from Tilburg)
Klein Oisterwijk
De Reebok

Goirle (+/- 8 KM from Tilburg)
Ut Paradèske

Oirschot (+/- 20 KM from Tilburg)
De Bocht

Middelbeers (+/- 20 KM from Tilburg)

Travelling from and to WOO HAH!

Are you travelling from abroad to WOO HAH! ? Be sure to check out our guide here for info and tips about your travel from and to the festival site.

Keep in mind that all these offers are NOT official WOO HAH! campsites and/or places to stay. WOO HAH! is not responsible for the quality of your stay at these sites.