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WOO HAH! festival

WOO HAH! festival

WOO HAH! festival

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Check out the official aftermovie for WOO HAH! festival 2017

Aftermovie by: Milan van Gestel, Miguel Telheiro, Max Palm Keanu Haumahu, Max Palm, Timo Mangelaars and Freek Lindeloo


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Need something to refresh your senses before you jump into the next moshpit? Then be sure to check out our food trucks, offering the best food to get you up and energized again in no time. We have a great variety of different food trucks to please everyone’s appetite. Every provider has his own unique style and edible offerings.

Are you in the mood for some Italian? Tredici and Old Scuola got you covered with a big slice of pizza, while Bella Vita will provide you with some tasty pasta meals. Do you crave some meat on the BBQ?  Polly Maggoo offers a special WOO HAH! burger with Jack Daniels sauce, and El Hambre has a flaming hot BBQ with some of the best slow-smoked pork to satisfy your appetite. Meat is also on the menu at the Asian food truck of Gember & Sereh where you can find a number of different things such as Asian Bites and Saté Ayam. The Kebab Masters will serve you some of the best Kebab wraps you ever had. And if you want a good old fashioned burger, De Oerbus will grant your wishes in that department. Next to this you can get all wrapped up in Grandma’s Wraps delicious options or Bollyfood’s Chicken Tikka menu.

Not a big meat lover? Don’t worry, Seitan Chef’s also offers vegan options such as the ‘Vegan kapsalon’ which holds the title of ‘Best Vegan food in the Netherlands’. Bakboord has some fish as they serve ‘kibbeling’, a Dutch fish dish you have to try. Friethoes (‘best provider of fries 2016’) and Frietjes & Groentjes can provide you with tasty fries to accompany any meal that you want to devour. Plantage Onverwacht can provide you with some delicious nacho’s and more.

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